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Xanax, the Drug and Pregnancy

Just like with every other drug that has effects on the different organs of the human body, Xanax is not an exception. This article specifically deals with the issues to buy Xanax online and its link with the pregnancy and along with the possible side effects of this drug. According to the clinical trials and studies it has been proven that Xanax and pregnancy do not go hand in hand and therefore Xanax usage may result in birth defects. There are serious side effects and risks associated with taking Xanax and pregnancy. However depending upon the benefits outweighing the risks, the doctor may prescribe Xanax for the anxiety treatment.

Xanax is a prescription only drug approved by the FDA to be sold by certified pharmacies for the treatment for anxiety and panic disorders. According to different types of studies and clinical trials taken place, Xanax has not been shown to be of any benefit with the pregnant ladies. This is because it may lead to serious birth defects. These studies have been conducted on animals like mice and noted the birth defects as well.

The US Food and Drug Administration uses a category system to classify the drug according to the intensity of side effects it has during pregnancy. According to the FDA, Xanax has been categorized as a pregnancy category D drug. This category is given only to those drugs having clear and proven evidence of risks and side effects of the drug with pregnancy. Just like in ascending order, a category D drug has strong precautionary measures and warnings, making the drug more dangerous as compared to the category C drug and its harmfulness. This rating is given based upon the birth defects and side effects to the unborn baby and fetus.

Similar benzodiazepines like had been given a category D rating due to their serious birth effects upon pregnancy. Even though taking Xanax during pregnancy is hardly of any beneficial, many healthcare experts suggest avoiding its usage during pregnancy to get safe from the side effects of this drug upon the baby and the mother. If, God forbid any serious condition takesplace that allows for the usage of this drug even during pregnancy, then the doctor may prescribe it based upon the benefits it has over the risks associated with using this drug.

Either you buy Xanax online or from a good and trusted drug dealer, it is much better to discuss the entire situation with a doctor. No doctor or health expert would advise you to buy Xanax online or even any other drug. This is because of serious repercussions involved in online trading of drugs. As a result do not buy Xanax online form those sites claiming to sell patented medicines without a prescription.

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Just like with many drugs, either you buy Xanax online or offline, you would encounter severe over dosage problems with Xanax. You may end up in getting the most common to the rarest side effects with the drug abuse. Furthermore its over dosage can lead to drug addiction and other problems like drowsiness, hallucinations and increased blood levels of There are various types of treatment for the drug over dosage problem among the patients getting treated form Xanax.

Withdrawal symptoms may occur if the drug is suddenly stopped form being consumed. The drug abuse might lead to serious withdrawal symptoms like drowsiness, fatigue and irregular heart palpitations.

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Since this medication is a controlled substance according to the US FDA, its usage without any prescription could lead to serious and ill effects of drug over dosage and abuse. The specific side effects of Xanax drug overdose would vary from patient to patient depending upon the length of the treatment, dosage instructions, previous medical records, and other drugs taken along with Xanax.

The most commonly type of reported symptoms associated with Xanax overdose are drowsiness, confusions, coordination problems, deep coma, slow reflexes, loss of life and breathing problems.

The over dosage could get potentially worse if generic Xanax is combined with other drugs like alcohol and antidepressants.

If the over dosage had just begun for this drug, then the healthcare service provider may provide certain medications or force the pump into the stomach to get the drug outside via vomiting. Flumazenil is an antidote for Xanax, which might provide very beneficial in this case of solving the over dosage problem. Other options include the supportive treatments such as taking fluids to pass through an intravenous line, and other treatments based upon different complications that might occur.

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However if you buy generic Xanax online you are most likely to get overdosed due to the low quality and substandard products offered online. The solution to the overdose problem varies from patient to patient and the best solution can only by provided by a good doctor. In this case it is much better to seek medical attention right away to solve the overdose problems.

Over dosage is a common problem and result due to one big reason; addiction. How does addiction take place? When one user of or any other drug starts experiencing positive effects, he/she insists on continuing the drug to get the best out of it while not realizing that they have already become dependent on it.

This leads to addiction and sometimes to overdose. When the patients have no positive effect in getting treated from, he/she would increase the dosage and its amount of times taken a day to get the effects kicking in. lastly concluding to avoid this over dosage problem, buy generic Xanax online.